What’s an Arborist?

What’s an Arborist?

Like people, trees need proper nutrients and care to thrive. Consider an arborist as your tree’s primary care physician.

An arborist is a professional, certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. This person studies tree function and structure, engaging in the management and care of trees. Arborists can help diagnose the structural integrity and health of your tree.  Arborists recommend treatments or trim plans to get your trees where they need to be when heavy snows or winds come through. Thus, they are helping you in mitigating as much hazard to your property as possible. 

However,  arborists can also have specialty skills. These can include climbing and trimming the trees, and removing trees in various conditions or locations. They’re also able to treat your trees to be as healthy as possible.

The arboricultural industry has a collaborative culture. Various arborists with various skill sets are utilized in many cases to get the job done correctly, and with lasting positive effects. Colorado Trees‘ crew has an amazing mix of arborists to handle every situation they’re faced with. 

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Colorado Trees has a culture of continuing education. We are constantly training our arborists, and arborists-in-training. We give them the education they n

eed to be the best, while also keeping our experienced Arborists on the cutting edge of this new and changing industry.

Want to know what an ISA certified arborist can do for you and your trees? Schedule a free estimate here! We’d love to hear from you. 

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