One Tree Planted Partnership


Choosing Colorado Trees means you are choosing something bigger and making a positive impact in Colorado. We believe in doing what is best for our team, our clients, and our planet. 


We have partnered with an incredible organization called One Tree Planted. We will plant one tree with our new partner for every tree we trim or remove. Whether we remove 10 trees or 200 trees we will be planting a minimum of 500 trees this year. We are focusing on the reforestation of three wildfires in Colorado – the Spring Creek fire near La Veta, the Troublesome Fire in Grand County, and the Cameron Peak Fire near Fort Collins. In total, these fires consumed over 200,000 hectares of forests in Colorado.


The particular project we choose to participate in is part of a larger initiative to replant 2 million trees in Colorado that were lost during recent fires (2018 to 2021) making this the largest conservation-based reforestation effort in the history of Colorado. As a result of high stand densities, a large amount of fuel-loading due to severe pine tree mortality from bark beetles, and extremely arid conditions, the State of Colorado experienced its three largest fires in the past four years totaling more than 200,000 hectares consumed. Loss of trees and associated biodiversity, loss of carbon sequestered in trees and soil, and massive erosion in forests and riparian areas have resulted from this fire. This project will provide much-needed relief to improve the currently degraded state of these forests. Unfortunately, government resources are lacking to restore forests from these fires – One Tree Planted’s efforts are the only ones currently occurring in these areas.


Thank you for helping Colorado Trees make a difference this year in our beautiful state. We value your partnership in this project as every time you choose Colorado Trees to trim or remove, you’ll be planting a tree in one of these highly affected burn areas.